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Introducing Crafty Travel Journals

Updated: Feb 19, 2018

“The blank pages of a journal are so intimidating. I just don't know how to get started.”

Do you find blank journals uninspiring or intimidating? We hope to providing you with a new and exciting way to start your travel journal. We would like to introduce you to our Crafty Travel Journals. We hope you find them a fun format that will help you to create a personalized keepsake from your travels and adventures.

We enjoy creating journals of our all travel and adventures. When we have shared our journals with others, many folks have told us that they feel intimidated by a blank journal or they just don't feel talented enough to capture good photographs for scrapbooks and keepsake journals. We designed the Crafty Travel Journals to help people overcome their fear of the blank page by providing instructional guidance, structure, and visual inspiration for making a vacation keepsake.

Each Crafty Travel Journal includes some suggestions for ways to capture memories as you travel. There are journal topics and photographs to encourage you to record your experiences with text, pictures, or artwork. Anything that inspires you can be used to enhance your journal. Paste in your own photographs or other collected memorabilia such as postcards, unique note cards, or stickers. Make it fun!

Each Crafty Travel Journal is focused on an interesting geographic area. The first in the series is based on area around the Salish Sea including the San Juan Islands of Washington State and Gulf Islands of British Columbia. This area can be explored by car in conjunction with the local ferry system, or by boat, such as a charter boat, “pocket” cruise ship, or private yacht.

Purchase one of our Crafty Travel Journals and use it to create an awesome memory of your travels and adventures. When you are done, we would love to see some of your journal pages. Inspire others to create their own memories! We will feature some submitted examples on our web site.

Happy Travels!

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